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Connect-the-Dots is an ongoing series intended to recognize popular constructs within American culture - Race, Sexuality, Love, Freedom, etc. - and to look deeply at the many experiences and interpretations that come with each of these ideas. What parts of these concepts are real for us because we are aware and intentional in our lives, and what parts come from stories told to us by others? Connect-the-Dots will ask people to take a second look at their preconceived notions and become active participants in their thinking. For, we are what we think. And if we want to create a beautiful world to live in, it is going to take some out-of-the-box creative and critical thinking. 

I am the content writer for everything you find on the Connect-the-Dots website. The other Connect-the-Dots co-founders are:

Annie Zean Dunbar

Rae Bees

Neta Levinson

Ciera McKissick

Blaise B.

Tonika Todorova

Krzys Piotrowski

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