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Creative Background

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Below you will find my creative history. This is a way to see a timeline of some of the major creative endeavors in my life. There are many smaller projects I've worked on over the last 20 years, but these are the highlights.​ This does not include my day job history, which mostly has its roots in childcare (a huge learning experience in itself), and I will be happy to tell you more about it as desired! For specific examples of my creative work, please visit the PROJECTS page.

Creative Experience
Hairpin Arts Center, June 2018 - March 2020

Co-Creative Director


During my time at the Hairpin Arts Center, we began the process of re-examining the mission and vision to better reflect "a space where art and activism meet." We hosted a wide variety of arts events, and created programs that had a community-oriented lens. One of my favorites was called "Creative Community," and its goal was to empower people to embrace their inner "Life Artist," and to share their unique skills with others. I'd love to tell you more about it!



Silent Theatre Company, 2005 - present

Co-Founder; Ensemble


"Searching for truth in those parts of the human experience that are not expressed aloud." STC was formed after a group of friends decided to have an adventure, taking our silent, black and white play, LULU, on a cross-country tour, and laying the foundation for a decades-long theatrical relationship.



Connect-the-Dots, August 2015 - present

Co-Founder; Web content writer


Connect-the-Dots is an ongoing project intended to recognize popular constructs within American culture - Race, Sexuality, Love, Freedom, etc. - and to look deeply at the many experiences and interpretations that come with each of these ideas. What parts of these concepts are real for us because we are aware and intentional in our lives, and what parts come from stories told to us by others? Connect-the-Dots will ask people to take a second look at their preconceived notions and become active participants in their thinking. For, we are what we think. And if we want to create a beautiful world to live in, it is going to take some out-of-the-box creative and critical thinking. 

Hq, May 2012 - November 2016


Hq was a DIY venue at the intersection of Milwaukee & Western. During its four year lifespan, it was a creative home for hundreds of artists, musicians, performers & creatives.

Personal Exploration, March 30, 1983 - present

Life Artist

My most personal & powerful creative feat to date is my own life. One of the things I love about the arts is that they are a powerful tool for self-discovery. Each of us is here on this planet for a brief period, and we have to live through the filter of our own mind and experiences. The arts can help us be active shapers of that experience. They can give us insight and empathy into another person's experience. I use writing, songwriting, and many forms of creative play to explore my own psyche and hope to share my work with others because we are all teachers for each other and at the same time students of our own lives.

Columbia College Chicago

​Bachelor of Arts, Theatre, 2005


The greatest gift Columbia College gave me was all the wonderful humans I met there who continue to inspire me to this day.



High School for the Performing & Visual Arts

​Theatre focus, 2001


HSPVA gave me a solid theatrical foundation at an early age. "The creation of HSPVA (in 1971) represented the first attempt by any public high school in the nation to correlate an academic program with concentrated training in the arts."

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