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Silent Theatre Company

"Searching for truth in those parts of the human experience that are not expressed aloud."

Silent Theatre Company was formed after our group of friends decided to have an adventure, taking our silent, black and white play, LULU, on a cross-country tour, and laying the foundation for a decades-long theatrical family. Today, we are still working, playing, & creating together!

Incomplete Conversations, October - November of 2019; March - April, 2020 (remount canceled because of Covid19)
Written & directed by ensemble member, Nell Voss

"Silent Theatre Company presents the remount of its hit production of a site specific, immersive play, Incomplete Conversations, taking place in every room of Tapestry Fellowship Church and exploring the emotional shockwaves of an unexpected death within a family and a church community. It wrestles with questions of when we ought to speak up, when we ought to keep quiet and how to love people with whom we disagree. To accomplish this exploration, the audience is invited to enter and immerse themselves in multi-dimensional action that will fill up all the spaces in this real church where the family prepares to bury the young pastor, say their goodbyes and maybe find out who killed him.


What will you leave unsaid?"


Chicago Reader

Third Coast Review

Picture This Post

Besides our most recent work, Incomplete Conversations, I've worked with Silent Theatre Company on many shows since its inception in 2005. Some favorite shows include:

LULU: a black and white silent play

The Seven Secret Plays of Madame Caprice

Carnival Nocturne

Noir: a shot and a chaser

A Charlie Chaplin Christmas

The Wild Party Variety Hour

The Thin Line: A History of Printmaking

Here is a physical theatre piece from STC's Wild Party Variety Hour. The performers are Silent Marvin, Nathan Paul, and me, Gillian Hastings

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